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Mayhem Wheels is a name that vehicle enthusiasts easily recognize. The brand is among the best in the industry when it comes to performance wheels. It has gained its reputation making long-lasting products from the best quality materials. If you are looking for Mayhem Wheel center caps, you have come to the right place. Use this guide to learn more about the company that manufactures them. 


History of Mayhem Wheels

The Wheel Group, the company behind the manufacture and design of the Mayhem Wheel, was established in 1969. This company has been a manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket wheels, bumpers, and accessories for four decades. The company headquarters are located in Ontario, California.

Since The Wheel Group was established, they have grown to more than 20 distribution facilities located in major cities in the US and Canada. The company currently serves a large customer base in many countries such as Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, and Indonesia. The Wheel Group is committed to providing the latest and most innovative designs for trucks, jeeps, and SUVs. The manufacture of the TWG products employs the latest technology to ensure that the cast and forged wheels are produced to the best quality possible. The Wheel Group and Mayhem Wheels are manufactured to fit various international standards such as ISO, SAE, TUV, JWL, etc. 

Mayhem Wheels and any other products from the brand have a custom look that easily stands out. Aside from Mayhem Wheels, The Wheel Group is also the company behind other popular wheel brands like Mazzi, Masini, Akita, and Trailer wheels. 


Why Are Mayhem Wheels Popular?

options for Mayhem Wheel center caps

Vehicle and industry enthusiasts all agree that Mayhem Wheels are among the best on the market. When you buy Mayhem Wheels, you have the guarantee of superb wheel performance. As mentioned earlier, their products are ISO 9000 certified, so purchasing a set of wheels from the brand will ensure they last for many years of use.  

The following are some of the reasons why vehicle enthusiasts love Mayhem Wheels and why they are so popular.

  1. Wheel Structure

The wheel structure of Mayhem Wheels is known for a robust appearance. Its aesthetic value gives the appearance of a quintessential truck wheel. 

  1. Spoke Design

The spoke design of Mayhem Wheels is distinctive in character, which makes them easily stand out. Their five-spoke pattern, in particular, ensures they are well articulated, and creates a star-shaped effect that elevates the style factor. The beautiful star profile of the spoke is used in most of their wheels. 

  1. Distinctive Finish

The unique finish of Mayhem Wheels is a standard among their selection of wheels. A distinctive finish is used in many standard color varieties where an added tint is used on certain parts of the wheels. This bespoke styling feature makes all the other details stand out even more.

  1. Offset

The offset of Mayhem Wheels is different from many off-road wheels currently sold since they are primarily positive. In fact, the Mayhem Wheels center caps are on the same level as the flange or the spokes are connected directly to the flange to keep the offset positive. Even on the wheels with the inner rim reclined slightly, the center cap still protrudes to give a positive offset of 10mm. 

This feature is important because it facilitates ease of handling. 


The Best Mayhem Wheels 

Mayhem Wheels are synonymous with performance and appearance. The engineers at Mayhem Wheels have made it their commitment to achieve both when designing and producing their wheels line. The use of cast aluminum styling, stable offsets, and superior mechanical structures combine to ensure that the wheels are built to last even in off-road conditions. 

There are four sets of wheel lines that are available for those looking for the best that The Wheel Group can offer: 1) Patriot, 2) Riot, 3) Havoc, and 4) 8015. Discover what makes each of these wheel lines from Mayhem Wheels the best for your money.

  • Patriot – This wheel line produces a highly coveted truck wheel. Initially available in a single style, it boasts a matte black finish that visually stands out. Its spoke finish is ideal for truck drivers with an eye for style. The matte black finish combined with minimal luster offers an executive look.
  • Riot – The Riot wheel line from Mayhem Wheels is notable for its eight-spoke pattern. This pattern looks like a star on a sheriff’s badge. It is also available in chrome and matte black finish. 
  • Havoc – This line is suitable for drivers looking for a sturdy and dense wheel. Unlike the patriot, this wheel line provides more color options. It is also available in a matte and chrome finish. The Havoc wheels feature larger spoke sizes and a mechanical structure to withstand uneven terrain. 
  • 8015 – This is another wheel line from Mayhem Wheels that feature an eight-spoke configuration. Unlike all the other wheel lines, it is available in a bright PVD finish that is easy to clean and maintain. 

Mayhem Wheel Center Caps Buying Guide

Mayhem Wheel Center Caps Buying Guide

Mayhem Wheels are famous for their bespoke design and aesthetic value. Whether you fit them to an SUV or a truck, this is a good investment because they can last for several years. This brand is also notable for its aggressive look and performance. You can also find several options for Mayhem Wheel center caps online to enhance the look of your wheels. 

Installing center caps add a new level of style to Mayhem Wheels. You have to make sure that the center caps are built to match their toughness. There are plenty of options for buying wheel center caps online for Mayhem Wheels, but make sure you only get them from trusted sources. offers over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry with wheel center caps for numerous wheel brands, including Mayhem Wheels. With an extensive selection of center caps, you will find one that fits your specific wheel style or size. You can shop the center caps by brand, along with rim accessories and replacement screws. 

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